TetherGPS allows you to share GPS data from your Android phone to your Android tablet via Wi-Fi. This allows tablets without GPS to run applications requiring GPS, such as Google Maps and Navigation.

TetherGPS is available for download in the Android Marketplace and the Amazon Appstore.



For TetherGPS to work properly on your phone and tablet, some minimum requirements must be met:

  • Android 2.1 (Eclair) or higher
  • Phone and tablet must be on the same WiFi network
  • GPS location must be enabled on both devices
  • Mock locations on the client device must be enabled (Settings > Applications > Development > Allow mock locations)


To install, download TetherGPS from the Android Market or Amazon App Store for both your phone and tablet. Once TetherGPS is installed, place the widget on homescreens’ of both devices. TetherGPS will automatically recognize which device has GPS and which does not. Turn on the widgets on both devices, and your devices should be sharing GPS data.

How To

Coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on WP7, iOS, Windows, etc.?

Currently, TetherGPS is an Android only app.

Do I need to purchase TetherGPS twice? (Phone/Tablet)

Nope. Purchase only once. The Android Marketplace will allow you to download TetherGPS to your phone or tablet, as long as it is tied to the same Google Account.

What do the notification icon colors mean?

The blue location icon means that there is a stable connection between your phone and tablet, and GPS data is being transferred successfully.

The gray location icon means that there is no connection between the phone and tablet. This means that TetherGPS is in active on one device, but not the other.

The yellow location icon means that your phone has not received new GPS data for at least 10 seconds. As long as your phone’s GPS is working properly, this icon should flip to blue within a few seconds.

The red location icon means that your phone has not received new GPS data for at least 20 seconds. This generally means you’re in an area where GPS data cannot reach you.

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