TetherGPS on Nook Tablet

We’ve got TetherGPS working on the Nook Tablet with no rooting required! There are a few steps to getting it to work, however.


Step One

Download TetherGPS Lite [Link].

Step Two

Install TetherGPS. When prompted, enable 3rd party apps and enable mock locations in the development settings menu.

Step Three

Install Google Maps.

Step Four

Make sure the Nook Tablet is connected to your phone’s wifi hot spot, the TetherGPS server is running on your phone, and the TetherGPS client is running on your Nook Tablet.

To launch any of the apps, you can click your “n” button, hit search, and start to type in their names. They will appear in, and can be launched from, the search list. (thanks to jdlothar for this tip!)

[xda] – for more info.

We’re in the process of creating a proper tutorial for installing TetherGPS on your Nook Tablet. For advanced users, you might be aware that the Nook Tablet has been rooted, so gaining access to the marketplace to install TetherGPS is also possible.